Our specilities

Globalkiné REHAB

We treat all kinds of osteomuscular pain, regardless of the location.

– Tendinitis

– Sprain

– Lumbago

– Chondropathies

Globalkiné ATM

We are specialized in craniumcervicmandibular diseases, treating them from the origin.

– Bruxisme

– Headache

– Clicks

– Repeat dislocation

Globalkiné NEUROLOGY

Neurological and/or degenerative pathologies are some of the ones that can achieve a better recovery through physiotherapy, improving life quality of the patients. More frequently in:

– Ictus


– Parkinson

– Hemiplegics

Globalkiné SPORT

Sportive people are firsts to suffer injuries and diseases, because of the training and competition stress. That is why we evaluate each case, to make a personalized treatment based on physical activity.

Globalkiné KIDS

We know that kids are house´s kings; that why we want to take care of them and help them to grow up straight, even in scoliosis cases, flats feet or hyperciphosis, thanks to Mezieres Method – working their posture-.

Globalkiné HOME

We are aware that moving about using cars or public transports it´s not always easy, so we can provide a home service.

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Nº de Reg. de Publicidad Sanitaria: 4000653/RMU

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Globalkiné Rehab

Globalkiné ATM

Globalkiné Neurology

Globalkiné Sport

Globalkiné Kids

Globalkiné Home



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